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Rybka Aquarium 2011 · Deep Rybka Aquarium 2011

Featuring the latest Rybka 4.1 chess engine.

The single core version is perfect for doing guided Interactive Deep Analysis (IDEA), as all the cores and CPUs will be utilized. Deep Rybka is the best choice for Infinite Analysis of extremely complex positions with no user intervention, especially on quad core or better machines.

Price: $59
Price: $99

Discover Aquarium's unique Interactive Deep Analysis (IDEA), where you control the analysis of game positions and variations, and utilize all the processing power available in your computer, your network, or over the Internet. Explore the critical subvariations, and analyze each in a separate window.

Key Features

  • Play against the computer, handicaps, FischerRandom
  • Full game analysis, blunder check
  • State of the art chess trees (fast, powerful, compact)
  • Advanced opening book creation and modification
  • Fast and flexible move coloring system
  • Add comments and visual annotations to trees
  • Build trees from a list of games
  • A database with over 4,700,000 games
  • Lightning fast searches
  • An opening book for chess engines
  • On-line access to Nalimov endgame tablebases (3-6 pieces)
  • Free online play with Internet chess server
  • Automatic program updates
  • Automatic database and program data updates

Sophisticated users will want to take advantage of iBooks, a powerful system for publishing chess analysis in print and on the web.

1 year membership to the ChessOK playing zone is included, and is automatically installed with Rybka Aquarium 2011.

BONUS: Openings Encylopedia 2011 [DVD] - more than 8000 annotations by GM Kalinin - 500,000 expert evaluations of key positions, and 40 million Rybka evaluations of positions in every opening.

Download DEMO version

See Manual→ preview book

DVD · PC (Windows 7/XP/Vista)

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