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Chess Assistant Professional

Chess Assistant 13 Professional Edition

Now SHIPPING Chess Assistant Professional 13, with Houdini 3 PRO, ChessOK Aquarium, and the latest Chess Openings Encyclopedia!

Includes a 4.7+ million game database. It can read Chessbase databases, PGN files, and zip files. The database is kept up to date with an automatic weekly update.

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Connect to ICC or the ChessOK playing zone, or hook up a DGT board. Supports standard chess engines, and endgame tablebases.

Chess Opening Encyclopedia contains a plethora of theoretical material on all openings. More than 8,000 annotations by GM Kalinin, and evaluations of 500,000 key opening positions.

Opening Tables is a novel method of opening preparation. Customize the Opening Encyclopedia with variations and evaluations to create your repertoire. Then use test mode to ensure you are ready for whatever awaits you at the board!

Infinite analysis allows you to include or exclude selected moves, use several chess engines simultaneously, or analyze from both sides of the board.

Blunder search and Multi-pass game analysis give a basic and advanced way of analyzing games. Select different engines for each phase of the game. Background Analysis can work on a position in the background as you use guided Interactive Analysis in the foreground.

Chess Assistant Starter Edition

Chess Assistant 13 Starter Edition combines the most advanced chess database with the Houdini 3 chess playing engine. The 4.7+ million game database is updated automatically every week. Same lightning fast search, and advance CQL queries as the professional edition.

Bonus: Chess Openings Encyclopedia!

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Rybka Aquarium 2011

The latest Aquarium IDEA interface coupled with the updated Rybka 4.1 analysis engines gives you a complete chess playing program and more.

$59 Buy→ Free Shipping!

BONUS: Includes Openings Encylopedia 2011 [DVD].

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