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Attacking Chess, The French $21.00

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Attacking Chess, The French

Simon Williams Everyman Chess · 2011 Paperback · 320 pp. Grandmaster Simon Williams presents an attacking repertoire for Black based on the French, which he considers to be an exciting opening that offers … very good...
Berlin Defence $27.00

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Berlin Defence

Igor Lysyj · Roman Ovetchkin Paperback · 276 pp. · Chess Stars · 2012 GM Ovethckin and GM Lysyj use illustrative games to teach us the finer points of the critical Berlin Defence so we are ready and able to challenge the...
Fighting the French: A New Concept $28.00

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Fighting the French: A New Concept

Denis Yevseev Paperback · 384 pp. · Chess Stars · 2011 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nd2 (with Ngf3, Bd3, c3 ) Grandmaster Denis Yevseev offers White a complete repertoire to combat the solid and dynamic French Defence. While the concept is...
French Defence Reloaded $28.00

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French Defence Reloaded

Nikita Vitiugov Paperback · 360 pp. · Chess Stars · 2012 Grandmaster Nikita Vitiugov overhauls his excellent work on the French Defence, with new developments in the past 18 months for both White and Black. Though the mission is...
King's Gambit, A Grandmaster's Guide (hardcover) $32.00

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King's Gambit, A Grandmaster's Guide (hardcover)

John Shaw Quality Chess · 2013 HARDCOVER · 680 pp. Scottish Champion, Grandmaster John Shaw investigates if this ultimate Romantic chess opening remains relevant and dangerous in the computer era in this ground-breaking work. There...
Open Games for Black $27.00

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Open Games for Black

Igor Lysyj · Roman Ovetchkin Paperback · 244 pp. · Chess Stars · 2012 GM Ovethckin and GM Lysyj present the complement to their volume on the Berlin Defence. We now have a complete Repertoire for Black after 1.e4 e5 ....

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