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Sicilian, Pirc, Caro-Kann, Scandinavian, Alekhine, unusual KP defenses

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Mayhem in the Morra $24.90

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Mayhem in the Morra

Marc Esserman Quality Chess · 2012 Paperback · 360 pp. Sicilian Refuted! Morphy and the Romantics Run Wild! Massachusetts IM Marc Esserman presents a complete fighting repertoire against the Sicilian, and at the same time creates an...
Play the Scandinavian $21.95

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Play the Scandinavian

Christian Bauer Quality Chess · 2010 Paperback · 303 pp. GM Christian Bauer advocates the main line of the Scandinavian Defense for the player of the Black pieces. His argument has two prongs, Black gets to dictate the course of the...
Sicilian Dragon: Chess Developments $21.95

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Sicilian Dragon: Chess Developments

David Vigorito Paperback · 320 pp. · 2012 Massachusetts IM David Vigorito scrutinizes the critical lines of the Sicilian Dragon. This popular opening leads to tremendously complex positions in which both sides attack freely. Vigorito...
The Rossolimo Sicilian $19.95

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The Rossolimo Sicilian

Victor Bologan New In Chess · May 2011 Paperback · 238 pp. Moldvan GM Victor Bologan shares a treasure trove of ideas in a complex strategic opening system, taught to him by his legendary trainer, Viascheslav Andreevich Chebanenko. While...
The Sharpest Sicilian 2012 $28.00

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The Sharpest Sicilian 2012

Kiril Georgiev · Atanas Kolev Paperback · 332 pp. Chess Stars · 2012 · 3rd Edition MAJOR Update in the New 2012 Edition! GM Georgiev guides us through the sharpest lines of the Najdorf , the Sozin and Poisoned Pawn ,...
Experts on the Anti-Sicilian $23.95

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Experts on the Anti-Sicilian

Jacob Aagaard & John Shaw (Editors) Quality Chess · 2011 Paperback · 440 pp. 2007 British Champion, GM Jacob Aagaard , and three-time Scottish Champion , GM John Shaw , have recruited a line-up of strong Grandmasters to share their...

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