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In this Online Catalog, products are organized by category and sub-category. You can also browse the Blackstone Chess Guide to Chess Books, Software, and Equipment for a wealth of information about chess products. We have selected the best products to offer for sale to chess enthusiasts at the best possible price.

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Chess Books: Improve your chess by sharpening your tactics and learning the elements of good positional play. Study the games of the legendary masters to help develop your chess vision, or simply for the enjoyment found in so many of these masterpieces.

Serious tournament players need to prepare a basic opening repertoire, and understand the ideas, move order nuances, and tactical motifs in their opening of choice. Advanced players can gain an edge by honing their endgame technique.

Begin with a solid understanding of chess fundamentals, principles of opening play, how to win or draw a basic King and Pawn Endgame. Learn the basic tactical ideas such as pins, forks, pawn promotion, the use of an open file, checkmate, and stalemate!

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