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Recent Releases

Mayhem in the Morra, Marc Esserman [1.e4 c5 2.d4 cd 3.c3] IM Marc Esserman wows us with wizardry and witticisms in this romantic chess comedy. Mayhem in the Morra will snap you out of the dreary skies of driftless tries to equalize. An instant hit! Sicilian Refuted? Read more …

Playing 1.d4: Queen's Gambit GM Lars Schandorff presents a 2 volume repertiore for White based on 1.d4: Playing 1.d4: The Queen's Gambit Playing 1.d4: The Indian Defences (Quality Chess · 2012 · 320/248pp.)

Vishy Anand World Chess Champion Life and Games Anand wins again! The new edition of Vishy Anand includes 30 new games annotated by Nunn, world class GM and award winning author.

Was Gelfand's d5!? novelty Black's answer to the e6/b3 Rossolimo. Was Anand's d4!? novelty where White can search for the plus? Readers of How To Beat the Sicilian Defence by GM Gawain Jones enjoyed a peek at the developments to come in this interesting line.

Free Shipping on Chess Software:

Fritz 13 Rybka 4.1 Houdini 3 Pro

Tibor Karolyi on Anatoly Karpov:
The Making of a Champion '61-'85
The Later Years 1986-2009

New in the GM Repertoire Series

Boris Avrukh on the Grunfeld:
Volume 2 Exchange Variation
Volume 1 (g3, e3, Bf4, Bg5 etc)

Mihail Marin on the English: Volume 3 Symmetrical [1.c4 c5]
Volume 1 [1.c4 e5]
Volume 2 (b6, e6, c6 etc.)

Lubomir Ftacnik on the Sicilian,
a Najdorf repertoire for Black.

Frank Brady: Endgame
The rise and fall of Bobby Fischer.

Featured Selections

Jeremy Silman: How To Reassess Your Chess 4th Edition
The long awaited fourth edition of this modern chess classic. Completely rewritten. Read more … Siles · November 2010 · 658 pp.

Quality Chess Puzzle Book (Shaw)

Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games

My 60 Memorable Games The authoritative reissue of one of the most important chess books ever written. Bobby Fischer's original annotations of 60 instructive and entertaining games.

Batsford · 2009 · 384 pp. · Details→

David Bronstein: The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Sorcerer's Apprentice

237 games with clear and insightful analysis by a legendary master. Another masterpiece from the author of the classic, Zurich 1953.

New In Chess · 2009 · 384 pp. · Details→

Rybka Aquarium (Convekta Software)

Aquarium 2011 Interface coupled with the powerful Rybka 4.1 engine gives you a complete chess playing program and more.

Free Shipping · Details→

Analyze, annotate, publish and more. Search the 4.6 million game database! Supports Fritz/Chessbase files, Chess Assistant files, and standard PGN text files. Plus BONUS DVD: Openings Encylopedia 2011.

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Play the French, 4th Edition

Play The French, John Watson The new edition of IM John Watson's award-winning book on this dynamic and flexible defence has finally arrived. It is well worth the wait! [1.e4 e6] Details→ Everyman · 432 pages · 2012

Chess Developments: Sicilian Dragon

Sicilian Dragon, Vigorito IM David Vigorito examines critical lines in the Sicilian Dragon Yugoslav Attack, bringing us up to date on the latest theory in this super sharp attack. Details→ Everyman · 320 pages · 2012

Experts on the Anti-Sicilian

Experts on the Anti-Sicilian (book cover) The Quality Chess team: Aagaard, Avrukh, Bauer, Perrson, McNab, Pavlovic and others scrutinize the critical Anti-Sicilian systems. Quality Chess · 440 pages · 2011

For the Tournament Player

SPECIAL BUY: Classic Wooden Pieces, 3¾ inch King, sheesham and chidar, weighted tournament pieces. $36. Limited supply.

This classic design is also available in premium rosewood, chestnut (chess nut) and ebonized. The top of the line is the North American Staunton, we have one left in rosewood at the shoppe. The French Staunton in Sheesham and Chidar balances quality and value. Purchase it from our online catalog.

We carry durable triple weighted plastic pieces, ideal for tournament play. The top of the line ivory and black model was designed by artist Jay Blem, and includes extra Queens. King is 3 5/8 inches high, with a 1 ½ inch base. Come to the Pawn Shoppe to see these pieces, along with the latest in roll-up and stretchable boards. A variety of colors are in stock: red, green, purple, orange. A premium reverse-print board comes in dark green, and can stand up to set of fine wooden pieces.

Fun affordable packages are available, with pieces, bags, and boards in various colors! The lightweight starter package includes a vinyl roll-up board, plastic pieces, and quiver style (tube) bag.

The professional ensemble comes with an oversized (24x9) padded bag, the durable Jay Blem pieces, and your choice of vinyl board. Save 20% or more on a complete package.

Top it off with the DGT North American digital clock, the colorful Easy Timer (in two-tone colors), or an Easy Timer Plus (with time delay).

Or go retro with the quartz electric analog classic, which now sports a second hand, in DareDevil Red or Bullet Blue.

Check out our full selection of Chess Sets and Tournament Supplies, or come to the pawn shoppe and see for yourself!

Brighten up your Home

A solid inlaid handcrafted wooden board will enchance the look of your living room or library. A folding wooden set offers a nice balance between portability, and aesthetics.

Imported Indian Chess Sets

We now import wooden pieces, boards, and complete sets directly from the manufacturer. The premium boards are a full one inch thick, and come in a variety of sizes, from 16 inches to 23 inches.

Pieces in a variety of finishes and sizes complement these beautiful boards, and can be purchased separately. Pieces can be ordered online. Boards require special order due to their heavy weight, and limited supply.

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