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Upcoming Events

Events at CMC Academy, 201 Wayland Ave, Providence RI.

Thu. Oct 31, Nov. 7:14:21
7:30pm: CMC Weekly
4SS G/70+20s, $30

Every Saturday: CMC Action
Sections: Under 2200, Under 1600
1:00pm: 4SS G/30, 5s delay
EF:$30, $$: $200-100 b/16
Under 1600 Prizes: Books, Gifts
Side games, Side Quads 2pm

CMC Masters Sunday Nov. 3:
1:00pm: 4SS G/30, 5s delay
EF:$30, $$: $240-120 b/16

CMC Under 2000 Nov. 17, 1pm:
U2000: 3SS G/45, U1500: G/35
EF:$25, $$U2K: $125-75

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The Chess Club

On October 1, 2013, Blackstone Chess Club and CMC Academy merged to offer the best possible experience to chess enthusiasts in the Greater Providence area.

The core progams of both organizations have been preserved, and new ones added.

When: Thursday 7-11pm and Saturday 12noon-6pm. See the calendar for a complete schedule.

Where: 201 Wayland Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island

Many thanks to the The Coffee Exchange for their support.

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Recent Results

  • Festival Open (8/23-25) GM Alexander Ivanov 6-0
  • Greater Providence Open (6/23) GM Alexander Ivanov 3-0
  • Spring Rapids (4/27) Tim Sage 3-0
  • Festival Open (10/28) IM Jonathan Yedidia 4½/5
  • October Octads (10/20) NM Miro Reverby 3-0
  • Fall Open (9/30) GM Alexander Ivanov 2½/3
  • Lime Rock Open (7/22) David Harris 3-0
  • Blackstone Rapids (5/20) NM Sinclair Banks 4-0
  • Malyuta Memorial (10/16) SM Denys Shmelov 3½/4

Pawn Shoppe

Buy books, software, and chess equipment online at the Blackstone Chess Pawn Shoppe. Houdini 3.0, Rybka 4.1, Fritz 13, DGT chess clocks, games, puzzles, etc.

Competitive prices. We ship anywhere in the U.S. Your purchase supports the local chess community.

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201 Wayland Ave, Providence RI


Thursday 7pm-11pm

Saturday Noon-6pm

Vishy Anand Vishy Anand: World Champion Life&Games Details→

Mayhem in the Morra Mayhem in the Morra, Marc Esserman Esserman

Play the French 4 Play the French, Watson Watson

Playing 1.d4 Playing 1.d4: Queen's Gambit Schandorff

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