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Bobby Fischer - Greatest Chess Player of All Time?

Frank Brady examines the Rise and Fall of Bobby Fischer in his new definitive biography, Endgame. Yet another book to add to the must read list.


Frank Brady
Crown, 2011 (Hardcover, 402 pp.)

$19.95 (List: $25.95)

My 60 Memorable Games

Bobby Fischer
Batsford, 2009 (Paperback, 384 pp.)

$17.95 (List: $22.95)

Garry Kasparov On My Great Predecessors: Part IV: Fischer

Garry Kasparov
Everyman, 2005 (Hardcover, 496 pp.)

$29 (List: $45)

Fischer World Champion!

Max Euwe, Jan Timman
New In Chess, 2009 (Paperback, 175 pp.)

$17.95 (List: $24.95)

Curacao 1962

Jan Timman
New In Chess, 2005 (Paperback, 216 pp.)

$17.95 (List: $24.95)

Bobby Fischer: Career and Complete Games

Karsten Müller
Russell, 2009 (Paperback, 408 pp.)

$27.50 (List: $39.95)

Chess Secrets: Heroes of Classical Chess

Craig Pritchett
Everyman, 2010 (Paperback, 224 pp.)

$18.95 (List: $26.95)

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Few would dispute that Robert James Fischer is the most controversial of the World Chess Champions. Without a doubt, he had an immeasurable influence on chess: opening theory, the format of the World Championship, prize funds, the Fischer clock, and Fischer Random (Chess 960) chess.

He raised American chess awareness when he earned the right to challenge Russian GM Boris Spassky for the world title. On the road to Reykjavík, he dominated the Interzonals (18½-4½), winning his final 7 games, swept Bent Larsen and Mark Taimanov 6-0 (each!), and won the first game of the semi-final match with Petrosian, for a string of 20 consecutive victories.

He defeated Spassky after losing the first game, forfeiting game two. In the next 19 games, Spassky would only win one more game, while Fischer won 7, to win the match 12½-8½ and become the 11th World Chess Champion.

No chess library is complete without a copy of My 60 Memorable Games. The new algebraic edition is true to the original, only the notation has been changed. This collection of games from 1957-1967 includes 9 draws, and 3 losses. Not just a classic, but perhaps the best written and most instructive chess book ever published.

In My Great Predecessors: Fischer, Kasparov takes a historical and critical look at Fischer. Karsten Müller writes in Bobby Fischer: Career and Complete Games, "After Bobby, the game was simply not the same".

Read more on Wikipedia about Bobby Fischer and the 1972 World Championship.

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