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Friday August 23, Saturday August 24, Sunday August 25

Blackstone Chess Festival

Featuring the Blackstone Chess Festival Open

2013 Festival Feature Event

Blackstone Chess Festival Open

3-days: Friday August 23 - Sunday August 25

5-round swiss · Game/90 · 30 second increment
Round 1: Friday 7pm
Rounds 2 and 3: Saturday 11am-4pm
Rounds 3 and 4: Sunday 10am-3pm
Entry Fee: $50/60 (online / on-site)
Prizes: $800 based on 20 paid entries.
$300 · $180 · $120 Under 2100 : $125 · $75

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3-day 8/23-25: Festival Open Details→
2-day 8/24-25: Festival U2000, U1500 Details→
1-day 8/25: Festival Octads (Under 2200) Details→

Comfort Inn $99 1-401-723-6700
2 George Street, Pawtucket RI 02860

This is sixth annual Blackstone Chess Festival, a traditional dating back to the summer of 2008.

2012 Blackstone Chess Festival

The 2012 Blackstone Chess Festival was won by IM Jonathan Yedidia. The event was held Friday October 26, to Sunday October 28. It was a 5-round swiss, FIDE rated, with 10 Grand Prix points awarded.

2011 Festival Events

The 2011 festival featured three main events, the 3-day Blackstone Chess Festival FIDE Open, the 1-day Festival Class Championship, and the Festival Octads. The tournament was shortened to 4 rounds in 2 days due to severe storm warnings. National Master Farzad Abdi emerged from the storm with a score of 3.5/4 to earn the title of 2011 Blackstone Chess Festival Champion.

Howard Goldowsky swept the Octad, 3-0, which was shortened to a Quad due to the storm. Ken Ballou was our Chief TD/FIDE Arbiter.

Tropcial Storm Irene motivated us to move the Festival Class Championship to October 2.

Blackstone International - FIDE - GPP

4SS · Game/90 · 30 second increment
August 26-28 (7pm Fri · 10-2-6 Sat)
EF: $50 (advance) FIDE rated · 10 Grand Prix points
Prizes: $1200 based on 24 entries
$500-300-200, Under 2100: $125-75

Festival Class Championship (U2000/U1500)

3SS · Game/65, 5 second delay
Sunday October 2 (12 noon - 2pm - 4pm/ASAP)
EF: $20 (advance) $25 (on-site)
Sections: Under 2000 · Under 1500
Prizes: $400 based on 24 · USCF
Under 2000: $150-90, Under 1500: $125-75

Festival Octads

Sunday August 28, at noon, we hold the Festival Octads, 3-round swiss, open to all USCF members, Game/35 plus 5 second delay. Entry fee is only $10,

Players will be divided into rating class in groups of 4 to 8, if there are enough entries.

Highlights from past Chess Festivals

David Griego Simultaneous Exhibition (2009)

David Griego, Jeff Hall

No Marshall for you!

The 2009 Festival opened Saturday, August 22nd, with a simul by David Griego. Griego played a total of 14 games against 7 players. Griego, from Providence RI, has won 10 RI State Championships and 3 New England Championships.

Griego scored six wins and a draw in the first round of the simul. Blackstone Chess member Jeff Hall, pictured above, pulled a draw out of his hat in a tricky position. Two players lost quickly but got to play a second game. Griego chalked up one win, Rick Massimo escaped with a draw.. The excitement continued with a Game/20 5-player clock simul in which David pitched a perfect 5-0.

In the 2009 Masters Blitz, Jorge Sammour-Hasbun (left) took a point from David Griego (right) in the first game, but Griego shut him down in their second game. The advantage of the White pieces is amplified when you wear red!

David Griego, Jeff Hall

See the full report on the 2009 Blackstone Chess Festival

Chess Festival 2-day and 1-day events

Under 2000, Under 1500 Championship

2-days: Saturday 8/24 - Sunday 8/25

Sections: Under 2000, Under 1500
4SS · Game/90 · 30 sec. increment
Rounds 1 and 2: Saturday 10am, 3pm
Rounds 3 and 4: Saturday 10am, 3pm
Entry Fee: $30/40 (online / on-site)
Prizes: $480 based on 20 entries
Under 2000: $120-60 Under 1750: 60
Under 1500: $120-60 Under 1250: 60

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Sunday 8/25: Under 2200 Octads

Sections: Divided by rating (4-8 players)
3SS · Game/45 · 15 sec. increment
Rounds: 11am, 1pm, 3pm
Entry Fee: $25/30 (online / on-site)
Prizes: $100-60 based on 8 entries
Sextad (6): $75-45 · Octad (4): $80

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The Blackstone Chess Club and the Chess Festival enjoy a unique location in the historic W.T. Grant building, thanks to Jason Hogue and Mike Lozano who have saved this historic building and transformed it into a vibrant community.

Main Street now has much to offer. The Cup & Saucer across the street has a great breakfast, chicken salad, burgers, and the best hot weenies in RI. Ronzio's next door has pizza specials -- $5.99 for a large (8 slice) pizza with one topping, $7.99 with 2 toppings (see TD for coupon). For late night, the China Inn, a half block up the road is an excellent choice.

Late night fare is also available at the Irish pub at the Comfort Inn, or cross the highway and check out Doherty's Pub on East Ave, 2 blocks from the hotel. The taco truck is another fine dining option!

History of the Blackstone Chess Festival

The first Blackstone Chess Festival was held in 2008 at the Blackstone Chess Club and Academy's first situs, the To Kalon Club, up the road from the present day Main Street location. The festival kicked off there with the 5-day New England Masters. The 4-round Blackstone Chess Festival Open took place over the weekend at the Pawtucket Comfort Inn, where the visiting Grandmasters lodged. It is now held at the Blackstone Chess Center at 250 Main Street, Pawtucket.

2008 Blackstone Chess Festival

The 2008 Festival featured two super strong tournaments, the 2008 New England Masters, organized by Chris Bird (Chess Tournament Services), and the Blackstone Chess Festival Open, organized by Blackstone Chess, and directed by Ken Ballou.

The Festival Open featured 4 Grandmasters, with the Festival Championship going to GM Timur Gareyev by winning a tie-break game against IM Justin Sarkar. Gareyev tied for first in the New England Masters with Sergey Erenburg with a score of 7.5/9.

2010 Blackstone Chess Festival Open

The winner of the 2010 Chess Festival Open was International Master Justin Sarkar, who ended up with a score of 4/5. The youth championship went to Kapil Chandran, who also shared 2nd place with Nelson and Andres Castaneda with a score of 3.5/5.

Robert Holmgren took the under 2000 Championship, and William Petrillo won the under 1500 Championship. A clean sweep for both, at 3-0 in this one-day event, held Saturday August 23.

2009 Blackstone Masters Blitz

The 2009 Blackstone Masters Blitz took place on August 28, 2009. The Center was packed with chess enthusiasts who gathered around the tables to see the exciting fast paced action.

The tournament was a double round-robin with a field of six players: International Master Igor Foygel (MA), Senior Master David Griego (RI), Senior Master Jorge Sammour-Hasbun (RI), Senior Master and 2008 New England Co-Champion Denys Shmelov (MA), and two former Rhode Island Chess Champions, NM Miro Reverby (RI), and Expert James Della Selva (RI). Della Selva filled in for NM Sinclair Banks (MA), who had been invited, but was unable to play. Time control was Game in 7 minutes.

Continued ... Blitz Kings

2009 Blackstone Chess Festival Open

The Festival Open was the final event of the 2009 Chess Festival. It took place Saturday, August 29th. The winner of this tournament is crowned the new Festival Champion. Last year's champion is GM Timur Gareev of Uzbekistan. This year's tournament was a single day, 4-round Swiss, with a time control of Game in 55 minutes, plus a 5 second delay.

The 2009 winner was Zachary Weiner, a senior at Stuyvesant High School in New York. His perfect score of 4-0 advanced him from Class A to Expert. David Harris and John Terrall tied for second at 3-1. A good crowd of spectators was on hand to watch the event.

Full Report... Festival Champion Crowned

Zachary Weiner

Zachary Weiner, contemplating the correct course of action in his round 3 game against David Harris. Weiner played the Pirc, which invited Harris to launch an attack against his uncastled King.

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