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Chess Sets, Bags, Etc.

We import fine wooden pieces from India, wooden pieces from India, selected for their suitablity for tournament play (no fragile pointy edges). For the home, we set priorty on appearance!

We offer pieces (wooden and weighted plastic) and a limited selection of boards online. A wider variety of sets is available in our showroom: folding, magnetic, premium travel pieces, and more.

We have complete packages for the tournament player, and a selection of fun colors for kids.

Come visit us and check out the beautiful wooden chess pieces made in India, in Blackstone Black and Rosewood. We also have premium weighted ivory and black plastic pieces, designed by Jay Blem, with a unique drawstring bag.

Special orders can be placed by clubs, schools, and libraries. There is no sales tax for exempt organizations. Otherwise a 7% Rhode Island sales tax applies for purchases in, or shipments to, RI.

Tournament Gear

We recommend the DGT North American chess clock, an excellent affordable digital clock.

We have DGT EZ timers in a variety of colors, an excellent choice for scholastic players, and the Easy Plus which has time delay and increment modes. DGT Easy Timer Clock

The latest Chronos touch sensitive digital clocks are available for special order.

We have everything you need to compete, bags, scorebooks, pens, pencils, and more.

We sell these items in our retail space in Pawtucket, at chess tournaments in New England, and online at competitive prices.

DGT North American CLock

On Sale: DGT North American $44 plus shipping ($1.95)

Buy This Clock

We have everything you need to compete, scorepads, pens, pencils, and more.

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English · Reti · Benoni · Irregular · Sicilian · Pirc · Caro-Kann · French · Spanish · Italian · Double KP Queen's Gambit · Grunfeld · Double QP Catalan & Indian Defenses

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Study the Masterpieces of the Legendary Wizards, like Bobby Fischer and Garry Kasparov. Replay the games from historic Tournaments and Matches.

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Beginners need to start with the Basics. Many titles are offered for kids, adults, parents, and chess teachers.

Serious players looking to improve should begin by sharpening their Tactics, then move on to Strategy and the Endgame.

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Modern chess playing programs are divided into two parts, a GUI that interacts with humans, and an engine that calculates the variations and makes the evaluations. The two leading engines today are Rybka and Houdini. Both are available with Convekta's novel Aquarium IDEA GUI. Analyze games, store them in an database. Browse the database of nearly 5 million games. Create chess articles, web pages, and videos!

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Free Shipping on all software.

The latest version of Fritz (13) comes with the familiar ChessBase GUI, a database, a trial membership to and a new analysis sharing system.

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