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Dinosaur Chess

Dinosaur Chess takes you from a hatchling to a huge dinosaur ready to take on Tyrannosaurus Rex. A fun and effective way for kids to learn to play chess. PC/Windows & MAC versions available! CD.

$25 Details→

Rybka 4 Aquarium

Aquarium 2010 Interface, coupled with the powerful Rybka 4 analysis engines, gives you a complete chess playing program and more.

$59 Details→

The advanced IDEA interface permits multiple analysis sessions - explore the critical subvariations, and analyze each in a separate window. Or study two or more unrelated games or positions.

Analyze, annotate, publish, search the rich game database, and more powerful features, like the ability to create video lectures! Comes with 4,600,000 game database! Supports Fritz/Chessbase files, Chess Assistant files, and standard PGN text files.

Compatible with Windows 7/XP/Vista.

BONUS: You also get Openings Encylopedia 2010 [DVD], more than 8000 annotations by GM Kalinin, plus 500,000 expert evaluations of key positions.

CT Art 4.0

CT Art 4.0 is the best tactics training program on the market. 4000 exercises to test your ability. CT Art will track your progress as you gain skill. Watch your rating climb. PC/Windows. CD.

$29 Details→

CT Art 3.0

CT Art 3.0 is the perfect solution if you want a top class training program on a tight budget. This is the exact same version that received rave reviews when it was first released, at just half the price!. PC/Windows. CD.

$19 Details→

Chess Tactics for Beginners

Chess Tactics for Beginners is perfect for both kids and adults who are relatively new to the game. 1300 tactical exersices, divided into five sections, in increasing level of difficulty. PC/Windows. CD.

$29 Details→

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