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The Blackstone Chess Center is located in the arts and cultural district of Pawtucket, RI. Our regular club meetings are held Thursday evenings (7pm-11pm) and Saturday afternoons (Noon-6pm). Come visit the Chess Center at 250 Main Street, Suite B3, Pawtucket RI.

Directions and more information

Next Major Event: Max Malyuta Memorial

Upcoming Events at the Blackstone Chess Center

  • Sat Sept 14 12:30pm Quads/Doubles: 2SS G/45-5, $10
  • Thu Sep 12:19 6:00 pm Workshop: $10
  • Thu. Sep 12:19 7:30pm Thursday Double: 2SS G/90-10s, $10/15
  • Sat Sept 21 10:30am Max Malyuta Memorial: 4SS G/60-5, $25/30

Every Saturday - Scrimmage/Quads - 12 Noon

Quads: 2SS G/45, 1:00pm, EF: $10, Prize: $25/quad
Rated games, $5. Quads (2 round swiss $10).
3:30pm: Quick Chess, Game/10-Game/15, $5
Format is flexible. Early arrivals can play longer games.
Late arrivals can form separate Quads, $5, $15 1st.
Side Games, $5.

Every Saturday - Training Session- 11:00am

Analysis and Study session, flexible format.
Sign up or send email, session will be planned
for any group based on rating.
(from novice to intermediate)
Fee: $20, $10 members. Private lesson $30/20.

Every Thursday - Workshop and Rated Games - 7pm

6:00-7:30pm: Warkshop (study session) and warmup ($10)
7:30pm: G/90-10s 4SS $5/game, flexible format, $$prizes
Play 1, 2, 3, or 4 games. Only one 1/2 point bye**
Rated side games available ($10/5), G/40-G/70

More information on Thursday Night Chess

For New England tournament listings, visit MACA.

For the latest announcements, please visit our News Center.

For the recent results and news, see our latest reports.


Thursday 7pm-11pm

Friday 7pm-11pm

Saturday Noon-6pm

Rybka (4.1) Rybka Aquarium 2011 Aquarium

Fritz 13 Fritz 13

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