Tragicomedy in the Endgame
Instructive Mistakes of the Masters

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Tragicomedy in the Endgame,  Mark Dvoretsky

Mark Dvoretsky
Foreword by Karsten Müller

Russell · 2011
Paperback · 264 pp.

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Celebrated author and trainer Mark Dvoretsky presents this entertaining collection of instructive endgame errors, and promises readers improved tournament results through a systematic study of endgame theory.

This work is for the serious chess student, and can be taken as a supplement or complement to his landmark Endgame Manual. For those of us who have not yet embarked on serious endgame study, this may be the book to whet the appetite, and lead us to the main course.

Chapter 1 is the largest, covering rook endings and queen endings, including queen vs. rook, and rook and bishop vs. rook (an ending not uncommon in practical play). Chapter 2 focuses on king play, Chapter 3 pawns, Chapter 4 zugzwang. Chapter 5 illustrates defense: the fortress, stalemate, and the perpetual.

In Chapter 6 we look at endgame tactics. Chapter 7 covers piece play, maneuvers and exchanges, then Chapter 8 takes a peek at technique.

Chapter 9 shows examples of premature resignation and agreeing to a draw in a won position.

ISBN: 978-1936490042

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