The Sicilian Defence: Grandmaster Repertoire 6

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The Sicilian Defence: Grandmaster Repertoire 6,  Lubomir Ftacnik

Lubomir Ftacnik

Quality Chess · 2010
Paperback · 427 pp.

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Slovakian Grandmaster and Sicilian expert Lubomir Ftacnik enthusiastically presents a thorough and uncompromising opening repertoire for Black, to meet 1.e4, based on the super sharp Najdorf Sicilian.

Ftacnik comes close to achieving a nearly impossible task, with analysis of every serious White effort to shatter this favorite of Kasparov, Anand, and Fischer. Realists will not leave hungry, but filled with ideas that they will be eager to test the next time their theoretical knowledge and preparedness is challenged.

This book is clearly geared for players who are ambitious, advanced, and not easily intimidated!

1.e4 c5 (Black Repertoire)

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Serious Najdorf entushiasts should consider adding Georgiev's The Sharpest Sicilian 2012 to their library, this new edition will broaden your repertoire with some hard hitting lines at the cutting edge of theory.

If you find the idea of diving into over 400 pages of leading edge theory overwhelming, there is an alternative: Play the Najdorf Sicilian by Massachusetts IM Jim Rizzitano, known for his clear explanations, and thorough research. This would be a fine choice for the typical club player.

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