The Life & Games of Akiva Rubinstein: Uncrowned King

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The Life & Games of Akiva Rubinstein: Uncrowned King,  John Donaldson

John Donaldson
Nikolay Minev

Enlarged Edition

Russell · 2007
Paperback · 402 pp.

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This volume focuses on 1882-1920, his rise from a modest upbringing to his emergence as chief challenger to Lasker. These two volumes represent the most definitive work ever done on Akiva Rubinstein. Uncrowned King offers almost 500 games, many of them deeply annotated with notes from the top players of the pre-World War I era, including Lasker, Tarrasch, Schlechter and Rubinstein. Minev and Donaldson made many new annotations to the games and brought us a wealth of fascinating material, including recent discoveries on his stay in Sweden after World War I.

IM Minev and IM Donaldson are two of the most respected chess authors and theoreticians today. Minev was thrice champion of Bulgaria, a columnist for Inside Chess for ten years, and a key contributor to the Encyclopedia of Chess Endings. Donaldson captained the US National team nine times, and is the Director of the prestigous Mechanics' Institute in San Francisco.

The story continues in Volume 2, The Later Years.

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ISBN: 978-1888690293

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