Playing 1.d4: The Queen's Gambit

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Playing 1.d4: The Queen's Gambit,  Lars Schandorff

Lars Schandorff

Quality Chess · 2012
Paperback · 320 pp.

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Danish Grandmaster Lars Schandorff presents an ambitious and thorough two-volume repertoire for White with 1.d4. Volume 1 addresses the ever important Queen's Gambit. The core repertoire from his 2009 book on the Queen's Gambit remains intact. Critical positions are explored more deeply, numerous new and interesting ideas have crept into the new volume. As it says in the liner notes, "This is both the same repertoire but at the same time so much more, as when a boy grows up and becomes a man ? many features are unchanged, but his strength and knowledge are expanded immensely". One of Schandorrf's guiding principles, "aggressive reliable mainlines that seize space".

Both volumes are written for ambitious players, indeed masters and even Grandmasters will be turning the pages of these two volumes. Not quite as thick as Avrukh's 2 volume set, but quite a bit easier to make your way through from cover to cover. Avrukh's reaction to this book, "Lars, I want to play your book"!

1.d4 d5 2.c4 (White Repertoire)

Volume 2 presents a complete repertoire to combat the Indian Defences.

ISBN: 978--1907982-15-6

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