Play The French: 4th Edition

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Play The French: 4th Edition,  John Watson

John Watson

Everyman Chess · 2012
Paperback · 432 pp.

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Award winning author IM John Watson presents the eagerly awaited Edition 4 of his ground-breaking Play the French! Watson adapts his French repertoire for Black based on the latest theory, computer analysis, and a balanced judgement of what gives the human player the best practical chances

What is new in this edition? In the critical Winawer variation Watson offers us the new 6...Qa5 Portisch Hook variation (idea Qa4), and dives into the super sharp Poisoned Pawn lines. As a logical companion, an alternative repertoire is offered based on the ambitious MacCutcheon and Classical variations. The Advance Variation sees a new alternative to 5...Qb6 [Nh6].

Against the Tarrasch, Watson returns to 3...Nf6, which he believes to have merit, and because very little … has changed in the 3...c5 lines. All the odds and ends are tightened to reflect the latest state of theory, and wrapped up in this volume, which is indispensable for the French enthusiast and those who lash out with 1.e4 on move one!

1.e4 e6 (Black repertoire)

ISBN: 978-185744680-7

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