Mayhem in the Morra: Sicilian Refuted!
Morphy and the Romantics Run Wild!

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Mayhem in the Morra: Sicilian Refuted! Morphy and the Romantics Run Wild!,  Marc Esserman

Marc Esserman

Quality Chess · 2012
Paperback · 360 pp.

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Massachusetts IM Marc Esserman presents a complete fighting repertoire against the Sicilian, and at the same time creates an instant hit with this cutting edge opening book sprinkled with his trademark snappy humor. This is the most refreshing opening book published in recent times.

Esserman has injected new life into the Morra Gambit, testing his lines with years of recent trials in top level competitions, sharpening them with deep analysis by the latest engines, then bravely sharing them with the world. Read this book and put some sparkle back into your chess.

Don't be surprised to see the Morra appear in the games of the nay sayers once they get ahold of this text. Not only a godsend for 1.e4 players, but a must read for all Sicilian players. A must read for Sicilian Alapin players as well. They just might become convinced that 2.d4 is a superior move order. Everyone will enjoy the beautiful games where even 2700 players succumb to the poison of the Morra.

Covers 1.e4 c5 2.d4! cd 3.c3 (Complete Black Repertoire)

ISBN: 978-1907982-20-0

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