The French Defence Reloaded

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The French Defence Reloaded,  Nikita Vitiugov

In the introduction, Vitiugov writes: Chess develops so rapidly that writing a book devoted to opening theory which will be valid for a long period of time is "mission impossible" nowadays. What was fashionable a year ago quickly becomes outdated, while some dead and forgotten variations rise from the ashes. Nevertheless, I believe that the foundations which I laid eighteen months ago can be enriched with new variations and ideas, while the essence remains the same.

Nikita Vitiugov

Chess Stars · 2012
Paperback · 360 pp.

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Grandmaster Nikita Vitiugov overhauls his excellent work on the French Defence, with new developments in the past 18 months for both White and Black. Though the mission is to present a comprehensive and flexible repertoire for Black, the coverage is wide enough that this is a valuable reference for White as well.

To illustrate this point, both the Winawer and MacCutcheon are examined thoroughly. Against either 3.Nd2 and 3.Nc3 Black can elect to play dxe4, leading to a position both White and Black will benefit from studying. Vitiugov offers two systems in the Tarrasch: the Morozevich Variation with 3...Be7 and the quite logical pawn lever 3...c5.

Against the Advance Variation we take a close look at the logical Qb6/Nc6. The early divergences by White are rigorously examined, so we are not left in the dark when diverted from the main path.

Main lines: 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5
Side lines: 1.e4 e6

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ISBN: 978--954-878286-9

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