The English Opening: Volume 1
Grandmaster Repertoire 3
The English Opening: Volume 3, Mihail Marin

Mihail Marin

Quality Chess · September 2009
Paperback · 477 pp.

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Romanian GM Mihail Marin presents the first volume of an in depth repertoire for White, based on 1.c4. Here, he covers the Reverse Sicilian lines: 1.c4 e5 2.g3. This is a top level work which tackles the most critical modern chess theory.

Masters will be delighted by the deep and thorough analysis in this hefty volume. Industrious club players will benefit from Marin's lucid explanations of how to play each ensuing position. Another fine effort by an award winning author.

ISBN: 1906552046

Marin continues his coverage in the next volume: The English Opening: Volume 2, which covers all the critical defenses excluding 1... e5 (this volume) and 1... c5 (volume 3 - coming soon).

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