SOS Secrets of Opening Surprises
Volume 14

Jeroen Bosch, Editor

New In Chess · 2012
Paperback, 144 pp.

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SOS brings you a wide variety of unusual opening ideas. They may seem outrageous at first sight, but have proven to be perfectly playable.

Baffle your opponent without having to study massive amounts of opening theory.

Bosch and a team of International Masters and Grandmasters selected for their knowledge of modern opening theory write the generous helping of articles included in each issue.

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ISBN: 978-905691-366-3

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Jeroen Bosch - Queen's Gruenfeld!?
Jeroen Bosch - Lasker Defence w/10.h4
Simon Williams - King's Gambit: Tartakower (Be2)
Alexander Finkel - Opening Bomb in the Slav (b5)
Dimitri Reinderman - Najdorf: Mejvik Variation (Nb3)
Sinisa Drazic - King's Indian Surprise (h6)
Igor Lysyj - QID: Chernyshov's Line (Ne4)
Jeroen Bosch - An Unusual Taimanov (g3 ... h5)
Maurits Wind - The Mayet Defence (Spanish Bd6)
Arthur Kogan - English: Early Inspiration (2.a3)
Alexander Finkel - Caro-Kann Advanced: Bf5 g4
Matthieu Cornette - Grünfeld Fianchetto: 8... Bf5
Max Illingworth - Sicilian: the Illingworth Gambit
Jeroen Bosch - Avoiding the KID Saemisch, 3... Nc6
Sinisa Drazic - Sicilian: Buecker-Welling Variation (h6)
Jeroen Bosch - Fianchetto in the Alekhine Four Pawns
Arthur Kogan - King's Gambit: Patzer Check (2...Qh4+)
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