Mastering the Chess Openings, Vol. 4

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Mastering the Chess Openings, Vol. 4,  John Watson

John Watson

Gambit · 2010
Paperback · 320 pp.

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In the final volume of this series, IM Watson zooms in on a variety of topics, to make this 4 volume series as complete an opening reference as possible. He begins with a look at the Reti, and fianchetto systems employed by either color.

A full chapter is dedicated to gambit play, expanding on many well known gambits. He takes a close look at thematic flank pawn gambits, with b4, g4, and b5.

Chapter 6 examines f-Pawn systems (the Dutch and Bird), the King's Indian Attack, and Reversed Double King Pawn openings. This volume is rounded out by chapters on symmetry, irregular openings, and opening preparation.

Watson covers a vast amount of territory here. He offers crystal-clear explanations of ideas that should appeal to a wide range of chess enthusiasts, from 1400, all the way up to 2400!

ISBN: 1906454197

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