How to Beat the Sicilian Defence: An Anti-Sicilian Repertoire for White

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How to Beat the Sicilian Defence: An Anti-Sicilian Repertoire for White,  Gawain Jones

Gawain Jones

Everyman · 2011
Paperback · 350 pp.

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Grandmaster and opening specialist Gawain Jones confronts the challenge of meeting the Sicilian Defence head on. He has constructed a comprehensive Anti-Sicilian repertoire for White, based on sound lines that are successfully employed at the top level. Includes coverage of the popular King's Indian Attack, Bb5 systems and counters to Black's offbeat tries.

If you play 1.e4 as White, you are likely to meet the Sicilian every other game. So you better be prepared to deal with it! A ready-to-use repertoire against this popular defence is quite handy. Jones presents a reliable White repertoire that contains more than a drop of poison.

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 (White Repertoire)

ISBN: 978-1857446630

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