Experts vs. the Sicilian

Jacob Aagaard & John Shaw (Editors)

Quality Chess · 2006 · Revised Edition
Paperback · 440 pp.

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2007 British Champion, GM Jacob Aagaard, and three-time Scottish Champion , GM John Shaw, have recruited a line-up of eight Grandmasters and two International Masters to share their expert recommendations against their own pet lines in the Sicilian Defense. Note: Jacob Aagaard was awarded his GM title in 2007.

The core principle in this repertoire is to tackle the critical main lines, the Open variations: the Najdorf/Bg5, Dragon/Yugoslav, Sveshnikov, Richter-Rauzer, Taimanov, Kan, Kalashnikov, Scheveningen/Keres, Four Knights, and lesser played Pin Variation.

Second Revised Edition. Highly Recommended

ISBN: 978-919-7524-469

To round out the repertoire, minor lines and move order variations are examined. One chapter covers the Nimzowitsch Variation (2... Nf6), and the final two chapters address other second move options and a hodgepodge of unusual lines, like the "dubious" Lowenthal, offbeat O'Kelly, and 2... b6.

Aagaard and Shaw assembled a second panel of experts to help Sicilian enthusiasts face all the annoying Anti-Sicilian systems, Experts on the Anti-Sicilians →

The experts include Grandmasters Sune Berg Hansen (Taimanov/Kan), Mikhail Golubev (Dragon), Thomas Luther (Najdorf), Viktor Gavrikov (Scheveningen), Peter Heine Nielsen (Accelerated Dragon), Alexander Raetsky (Four Knights), Peter Wells (Richter) IM Jan Pinski (Kalashnikov), plus editors Shaw (minor lines) and Aagaard (Sveshnikov and minor lines).

Another fine compilation of ideas for White in the Open Sicilian is Dismantling The Sicilian, by Jesus de la Villa.

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