Dangerous Weapons: The Sicilian

John Emms
Richard Palliser

Everyman · 2006
Paperback · 304 pp.

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GM John Emms is well known his work with Nunn and Burgess on the epic NCO, and for his best selling Starting Out: The Sicilian. Team him up with IM Richard Palliser, known for his thorough and understandable monographs on the less played alternatives to main line theory, and it is no surprise that we have a winner here!

If you are seeking some hard hitting and refreshing ideas to tilt the balance on the chessboard, you will find an abundance of ambitious ideas in the pages of this volume, along with oodles of original anaysis by these two Sicilian specialists.

1.e4 c5

ISBN: 1857444230

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Whoever absorbs this wealth of original analysis can expect exciting games and some quick wins, with both colours!
· James Vigus

I feel that these books are the most refreshing of recent opening products, and wonderful for anyone wishing to get off of the main theoretical paths.
· John Watson

I have to admit that I find the DANGEROUS WEAPONS series to be fascinating. Not only does it explore ideas for both white and black, not only does it update many well known lines, not only does it infuse them with energy ... but it also offers up all sorts of fringe variations that one might have wrongly guessed were dubious. DANGEROUS WEAPONS: THE SICILIAN gives us many helpings of this kind of great stuff.
· Jeremy Silman

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