Dangerous Weapons: Anti-Sicilians

John Emms
Richard Palliser
Peter Wells

Everyman · 2009
Paperback · 285 pp.

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Sicilian gurus Emms and Palliser are joined by GM Peter Wells to serve up a goulash of dangerous options for both colors in the Anti-Sicilian systems. Many of these opening ambushes have enough staying power to be a regular part of your repertoire.

This book is an excellent source of inspiration for the adventurous. Bear in mind, if you do not have these tricks in your arsenal, your next opponent might!

1.e4 c5, includes ideas in the c3 Sicilian, Rossolimo, Nimzowitsch, Closed Sicilian, King's Indian Attack and others.

ISBN: 1857445855

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The British based Everyman Chess has a series of "Dangerous Weapons" books that investigate highly obscure lines. The best of the recent lot is "Dangerous Weapons: Anti-Scilians" by John Emms, Richard Palliser and Peter Wells
· Andrew Soltis

Dangerous Weapons: Anti-Sicilians is certainly a thought-provoking work. In all of the chapters, there is in general a good balance between advocacy of a particular variation and an objective assessment of its merits ... If you play 1.e4 as White or the Sicilian Defence as Black, you will be sure to find something explosive or combustible to add to your opening arsenal.
· Paul Kane

I feel that these books are the most refreshing of recent opening products, and wonderful for anyone wishing to get off of the main theoretical paths.
· John Watson

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