Experts on the Anti-Sicilian

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Experts on the Anti-Sicilian,  Jacob (EDT) Aagaard

Jacob Aagaard & John Shaw (Editors)

Quality Chess · 2011
Paperback · 440 pp.

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2007 British Champion, GM Jacob Aagaard, and three-time Scottish Champion, GM John Shaw, have recruited a line-up of strong Grandmasters to share their expert opinions both on how to play the Sicilian Defense and how to play against it. Each is an opening specialist and noted author writing on their own field of expertise.

The focus is on lines where White meets the Sicilian by avoiding the Open variations: the Alapin, Rossolimo, Moscow, Grand Prix, Closed Sicilian, King's Indian Attack; and early deviations like 2.f4, 2.b3, 2.d3, and even 2.a3.

The experts include Grandmasters Boris Avrukh, Tiger Hillarp Persson, Christian Bauer, Colin McNab, Peter Heine Nielsen, Matthieu Cornette, Milos Pavlovic, IM Andrew Greet, plus editors Shaw and Aagaard.

ISBN: 978-1906552800

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