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Friday August 23, 7:00pm
Registration 6:00-6:55pm.

5SS · Game/90+30s increment
Entry Fee: $50**
Prizes: $300-180-120 based on 20 paid entries.

Rounds: 7pm Fri., 11-4 Sat., 10-3 Sun.

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USCF membership required.

** Entry Fee Details

Online entries can pay at the door by cash or by check. $50 per person if entry is submitted by midnight Aug. 22.

Pay by credit card/PayPal, $52.
Fill out the online entry form (optional) to avoid having to register at the door. Then simply Pay Online→.

Entry Fee is $60 at the door (Friday, Aug. 23, 6:00-6:55pm).

Pay by mail: make check payable to Blackstone Chess, send to Blackstone Chess, 45 Taft Avenue, Providence RI 02906. Postmark by Aug. 20. Please fill out the form on the right.

Entries accepted on-site Saturday morning by 10:45am.

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Payment by credit card/paypal is $52, credit cards will not be accepted on-site.

State: Zip:
USCF ID: Rating:
Round 1 Bye:
Player 2:
USCF ID: Rating:
Round 1 Bye:

Arrive by 6:55pm Friday to confirm and ensure pairing in the first round. If taking a bye in round 1, please arrive by 10:45am Saturday.

email to blackstone chess

Message/FAX/Info: 1.877.747.6464

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